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Our strategy makes you obtain the best 

Our Targets for you

We work methodically and effectively without lacking ideas and concentrating on the essential things. We keep the practical side of things always in mind! In this way we deliver the information, solutions and help, which will help to solve the needs of our customers leading to the targeted results.
We work in human and close cooperation with our customer and other participating parties. 
It is important for us that our activities enhance the esteem and confidence that our customer enjoys among their customers, suppliers and other parties. The benefit of our customer is the most important thing!

Strong Experience 
Our services are based on a long and all-round experience in managerial and development services in international business operations both in corporate as well as in small company environment. The experience covers activities e.g. in machinery industry, process automation, clothing sector, car spare parts, construction, construction materials, trade, wholesale as well the facility management and associations. In addition of the experience from Finland and Scandinavia there is working experience also from other European countries, Baltic countries, USA, Brazil, China, India, Russia, Thailand, Singapore and East Africa.

Best Know-How

Areas of know-how are the development of ICT – consultation, different business operations, project processes, project management and control systems and strategies as well as acquisition of information , surveys, analysis, evaluations, feasibility studies and idea generation. Further areas of experience are business and financial control, administration, risk management, quality management and marketing surveys. There is experience also from development and implementation of commercial systems in one entire country-system. 

When needed the network of partners with their cost effective specialist services are also available!
Maybe you can wonder how all this can be found under the same roof – thanks to our networking with skilled partners and our many sided professional backgrounds!

Our services  

Based on experience and the flexible service concepts we will deliver in close cooperation with all the parties involved the solutions that match your practical needs and lead to successful results.

We offer information services, surveys, evaluations, feasibility studies, analyses, strategies and practical implementation help and we can also act on behalf of the customer or represent the customer towards their customers, suppliers, partners and other parties. 

We help our customers to grow profitably and utilize successfully their business possibilities. Sometimes the proper problems need persons looking from more far to your problems or initiatives!

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