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We consult the small and medium-sized firms and organisations in different projects of internazionalization. We help our clients to formulate a realistic plan of internazionalization. The plan is normally anteceded by a mapping-phase realized by us. We’ll search also proper partners needed in internazionalization in Finland or abroad. We’ll concede our know how also in developing of international processes. We give our services in several languages, for instance in English, Italian, Swedish and Finnish. 

International collection services of vacant payments

The principal idea of our international collection service is to help our foreign clients to collect their open settlements from Finnish firms. The client of collection service can also be a Finnish firm and the object of collection a foreign firm. 

Our main objective is to give a reasonably priced collection process for our client. Our collection service covers the following sectors; free collection, collection by payment management,legal collection, credit collection and abroad collection. We collaborate firmly with many well-known collection agencies. We’ll accept as minimum debt collecting action the sum of account 300 €. 

ICT technology consulting and public/private investment management

We serve small and medium sized firms and organizations in realization of different phases of information system projects. The purchase consulting in acquiring an information system or its part is one of our most utilized services. We ‘ll take also a complete responsibility on realizing the projects on ICT technology.
Provisolink is not committed with any program provider or device supplier. 


Deep wilderness, silence, the reign of moose, eagle and brown bear – an all year round paradise for nature enthusiasts joined to modern style of life!

The area of North Satakunta in South-Western Finland is often defined as the Lapland of South Finland by outcomers and nature tourists who are in the search of peace, calmness and wilderness experiences!

All year round you can live differently our nature thanks to the very strong differences between seasons and practise different hobbies in every season. 

The area is like a large wild isle of forests,soft hills, rivers and lakes spotted by idyllic small camps restricted in western coastland of Merikarvia by Baltic Sea and characterised by special numerous geological formations remained still visible like the ancient memory of last ice age. 

A wonderful variety of landscapes from the archipelago of Oura with its tiny islands, to agricultural plains growing wheat , to crystal clean inland lakes and dark green endless coniferous forests guarantee that a nature friend or a person just in search to relax can obtain an enjoyable vacation. Not the least observing semiarctic species like lynch or moose!

This area is very easily reachable just one hour from Tampere, two hours and a half from the capital Helsinki and two hours from Turku. You can find all the services easily; we have mixed the modern lifestyle with the possibility to live in contact with nature.

Drink the water of a lake

The water of lakes can be drinked and the level of pollution is extremely low. In Finland the meat,milk and other agricultural products are the most free of pollution and other negative agents in the world. Come and understand what means to respire really clean air!

Silence is relax

You can letterally listen the silence here. Some of our wetland areas have been certified as total areas of absolute silence.These kind of areas are rare in Finland which is a land of very low popolation density and also in our zone although the density of popolation is approximately 5 persons /Kmq!

Not a step for 5000 years

In our protected wetlands are also located zones where a human being hasn’t for the last 5000 year had a touch and the fact that under your feet is lying the second oldest ground rock visible in the entire world gives surely some sensations and wings for thoughts. The rests of canyon like geological formations of Suodenniemi are dated back to miliards of years in the very start of our “Tellus”. One of particularities of our zone is also the unique habitat of Oura archipelago containing many endemic species.

Trekking and outdoor activity paradise

The numerous canoeing, hiking and cycling routes are an ideal way to get acquiantance with the natural and cultural reality of Pohjois-Satakunta. In Jämi- a recreational outdoor center of Jämijärvi you can find over 200 Km’s of cross country skiing trails in wintertime and four signed naturalistic paths and all the services from restaurant to accomodation . In summertime you can make an enjoyable trekking in NATURA-areas, play golf with frisbe’, practise Nordic walking or fly with experimental!

You can enjoy a perfect safari tour with Husky-jerk dogs or snowcats in the very heart of forestal zones and have a tasty rural/ wilderness meal guaranteed by professionality of our tourist entrepreneurs. Guaranteed to be a experience to enter in your heart for the rest of life!

Observe nature by a glance of birwatcher

The arctic migration is one of the most impressive spectacles of nature. During the months of March, April and May you can admire the arrival of thousands and thousands of birds . The month of May is surely the most rewarding period as the migratory is most hectic and birds sing actively, too. During the period of autumn there’s the migration towards the south as most of these species cannot survive the rude coldness of Finnish winter. In wintertime however many species remain to live in Finland.

Jämijärvi- Pitkäniemi bay in Jämijärvi

One of the most lucky spotting places in Jämijärvi is the bay of Pitkäniemi village. It’s a resting area of migration birds in autumn and springtime and many species nests in this zone during the summer! Lake Jämijärvi offers excellent possibilities to fishing, canoeing, acquatic sports and just possibilities to observe the nature

Santaskylä-Kyynärjärvi in Kankaanpää

Lake Kyynärjärvi offers excellent possibilities for birdwatching specially during the springtime when local lake areas are expanded by floods. If you are lucky enough you can spot very rare species of acquatic birds on their migration! Hundreds of acquatic birds can be seen with one blick in the period of end of March, April – May yearly,, The autumnal migration towards the southern territories can offer noticeable experiences, too.

Vihteljärvi – nationally valuable landscape (Kankaanpää)

Vihteljärvi Village is formed by the chain of small lakes joined by rivers. It represent in its most beautiful mode a functionable Finnish rural landscape with modern farms and beautiful landscape. In Lake Vihteljärvi there’s one of the most important stop-over for whoopers swan and other acquatic migratory birds in spring and autumanal time. We can proudly tell that the Osprey nests in Vihteljärvi, too.

Some facts on our avifauna

Many species of aquatic birds nest in our territory which is quite rich of rivers, lakes and different typologies of wetlands. The environment of our silent and clean lakes is a true paradise for many bird species and consequently for birdwatchers! Among these species are Grey Heron, Whooper Swan, Red-throated Diver, Mallard, Common teal, Northern Pintail, Pochard, Goldeneye, Red-breasted Merganser, Goosander, Great-crested Grebe, Red-necked grebe, Black-throated diver… just to mention some of our friends with wings!
Beautiful, particular peatlandsand mires where you can walk on duckboards offer also an interesting possibility watch great birds like cranes.. You can see a beautiful couple of Whooper Swan gliding on the calm surface of a dark pond of forest … Don’t lose diurnal and nocturnal birds of prey, Capercaillie, Hazel grouse … 

But however…

However, you can easily reach the most liveliest Finnish cities ; Tampere is within 80 Km’s , Turku within 160 Km’s and Helsinki 240 Km’s and and many other interesting sights are just located within an hour of distance by car. The traffic jams are not a problem in Finnish style of living – simply because out of capital they don’t exist – you can drive hundreds of Km’s without seeing traffic lights. In the zone of Northern Satakunta they can’t be seen…viability without problems!

All is still in the very human scale of modern living with an excellent possibility letterally to dive in nature; you can meet here the moose with its calf, see osprey, visit some of our 55 000 hectares of protected wetlands or make a visit in natural parks of Seitseminen equipped with a Visitor center and Kauhaneva. Innumerovole natural oasis can be visited and in the same occasion you can be connected with your laptop in internet…or make a GSM call.

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